The Empty Nester Club

define your next chapter

rediscover who you are,
before your kids leave the nest, with newfound clarity, courage, connection & community

Is it time that you started
planning for your next chapter?

What's next for me when I become an
 Empty Nester?

What's next for me when I become an Empty Nester?

How will I fill my days when my kids are gone?  What do I even like to do on my own anymore? Should I have planned better for this? And most importantly, is there anyone else out there who has these exact same thoughts that are giving me sleepless nights, stress and anxiety?

Do you find yourself wishing there was a plan of some kind? Even a road map of sorts to navigate through this huge change which is looming in your very near future? 

read on my friend

I'm  Karla

Your brand new (almost)
Empty Nester friend, just like you, who is committed to
rediscovering joy in the journey.




You don't have to do it alone.

Motherhood is such an important and beloved role, but so many women in mid-life lose their individual identity along the way. This becomes especially apparent when their children begin to move out and leave the nest.  Many mothers simply don’t know who they are anymore without their children.

The Empty Nester Club aims to address this common experience of struggle shared by countless mothers. What do they all have in common? Lack of preparation. We aim to redefine how millions of mothers prepare for Empty Nesting.

It's time To bring your soul-whispers to life again.

“My mission is to impact and empower
One Million Empty Nesters.”

— Karla Raby Olson

We are a collective of women, changing the conversation around Empty Nesting, from a position of lack to a potential for joy.

Moms need to rediscover who they are, and how to nurture their own dreams and desires in order to direct their unwavering love back into themselves.
They deserve deep fulfillment on a soul level. We all do.

At The Empty Nester Club, we help women define their next chapter
and fall back in love with their future.

new from karla

The Almost Empty Nester

Are you currently a mom that has children in high school and one of them has left the nest or is about to? Do you find yourself starting to feel like Empty Nesting is fast approaching and you don’t have a plan? If so this book is for you. We’re missing a key touch point about this milestone: preparation.

The Almost Empty Nester helps you rediscover who you are before your kids leave the nest.

this is for you.


Learn how to put yourself first again  


Discover your individuality  


Redefine what success means to you in mid-life  


Accept that letting go is not a goodbye  


Understand that your worth is not solely wrapped up in your children  


Realize happy, adult children need independence 

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What makes,
The Almost Empty Nester,
truly exceptional is Karla Raby Olson’s ability to delve into the complex layers of a mother’s identity beyond her role as a caregiver, offering valuable insights and practical advice on how to rediscover purpose, passion, and self-fulfillment. Through heartwarming narratives and empowering reflections, readers are encouraged to embrace this chapter of life with grace, courage, and an open heart.   

truly exceptional

Jen Mann 
New York Times Bestselling Author of,
Midlife Bites: Anyone Else Falling Apart, Or Is It Just Me?

as seen in:

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The Almost Empty Nester is an invaluable guide for women on the brink of an Empty Nest, offering a transformative journey through their past, present, and future. Karla masterfully navigates the emotional landscape of such a pivotal transition, helping readers unearth their true purpose and passions. By dismantling limiting beliefs, this book empowers individuals to craft a vibrant vision for their next chapter. A must-read for those seeking clarity, growth, and a renewed sense of self from a woman who embodies every essence of 

creating possiblity for the future.

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Coming September 2024! Join our pre-order list for author Karla Raby Olson's groundbreaking new book,
The Almost Empty Nester. Rediscover who you are, before your kids leave the nest, with newfound clarity, courage, connection, and community. 

Get ready to define an amazing future!

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If you're into navigating a path through mid-life, tips on finding joy with Empty Nesting, spreading kindness, great stories, things I find funny + probably way too many videos of my family? You've come to the right place. Welcome, it's a great ride.

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