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With a wealth of corporate experience + every mom title possible, I finally decided to rediscover myself again...

I'm Karla Raby Olson. Your brand new (reluctant) Empty Nester friend, just like you, who is committed to rediscovering joy in the journey.

Motherhood is such an important and beloved role, but so many women in mid-life lose their individual identity along the way. This becomes especially apparent when their children begin to move out and leave the nest. Many mothers simply don’t know who they are anymore without their children.

It's time you started to think about putting yourself first again.

About My Audience

My followers are those who are about to embark upon an Empty Nesting journey or are in the middle of one.  They enjoy personal, intentional story-driven content and respond to original blog posts and heartfelt humor.

  • mothers of high school aged children 
  • mothers of multiple children 
  • current empty nesters who feel lost without the identity of being a busy mom

RELEVANT empty nesting STATS

22 mill +

Empty Nesters in the US Alone

only 7% 

Prepare for this Phase of Life

63 %

Report Feeling Lost +

2 yrs

Avg Time it Can Take to Adjust

Here's what makes my Empty Nesting content different:

My singular focus is the mother. I help her rediscover who she is before her kids leave the nest, providing a one-of-a-kind blueprint to start working on herself.

I hope to change the conversation surrounding Empty Nesting from a position of lack to a potential for joy.

I help women find clarity, courage, connection, and conversation surrounding Empty Nesting.


My specialty when it comes to content is as follows, and you can expect a standard of excellence, communication, and cooperation.

Q. What problem do I solve?

I help women rediscover who they are before their kids leave the nest. Early preparation is key. I guide them through a proven framework to help them discover their Midlife Mission, their "One Thing", by giving them more clarity, courage, confidence and conneciton.

Q. What kinds of content do you deliver? 

I collaborate + deliver content in multiple forms, not limited to: podcasts, blog posts, social media, event speaking, coaching, email, testimonials and video. 

Q. Can you come on our show as an expert?


the mid-life journey

rediscovering joy

defining your next chapter

Finding Passion & Purpose


I'm a frequent speaker at both in person + virtual events on topics surrounding Empty Nesting, women in mid-life + personal growth.

Empty Nesting

Empty Nesting

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Let’s Collaborate

At The Empty Nester Club, we help women define their next chapter
and fall back in love with their future. 

If you're into navigating a path through mid-life, tips on finding joy with Empty Nesting, spreading kindness, great stories, things I find funny + probably way too many videos of my family? You've come to the right place. Welcome, it's a great ride.

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